Management Dashboards

A software dashboard is a simple and primary Business Intelligence tool for any organization. It is an executive information system user interface designed to provide simplicity and easy readability to its users. This simplicity works miraculously for organizations as it gives a bird’s eye view to the decision makers.

Like a car’s dashboard or control panel, a software dashboard provides the client with the inputs necessary to "drive" the business forward.

Our Management Dashboard – The Solution

We build systems that turn a vast amount of data into actionable decision making information. We provide this platform as a Management Dashboard that consolidates already existing data and lends to it a highly superior visual structure.

You get the information when you need it; in the format you need it. This platform facilitates the capturing and reporting of specific data points from each department within the organization, thus providing you with a ‘snapshot’ of the overall organizational performance.

How is this Management Dashboard different?

A prototype – Our highly efficient technical team can collect and key in the existing data of an organization in our Prototype Module to demonstrate to you a real life illustration of the platform. This simple exercise is designed to provide an idea of the real platform, before investing in the actual efforts.

Real time data reports – Bluepond’s dashboard platform provides you with real time data reports from any department. Your workstations and data centers could be located anywhere; the dashboard will have a refreshed version of reports and graphs every time there has been a change in even a small amount of data in the entire system.

Data you need, in the format you need – Bluepond’s BI tool can present a complete and fully integrated set of data in more than one format during run time. At any point of time, the user can choose to view charts or graphs in the format which is most suitable. This makes it easier to have views and enhances the decision-making abilities.

Reporting at its best – At Bluepond, we develop a platform that not only generates reports, but one that can generate reports on its own. This enables decision makers to spend more time in driving strategic decisions, without spending substantial time in requesting and "explaining" the desired reports.

Short and Long Term Benefits :

  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Better control over time and budget targets.
  • Improved customer satisfaction rate.
  • Amplified and regimented cash flow.
  • Satisfactory returns on investment.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Decrease in operating cost.
  • Real time data to monitor activities.
  • Effective solutions to get easy data access to geographically distinct locations.