Quality Assurance

Bluepond believes that Quality Assurance is the only way to build an effective software solution. The application could be of any type, it needs quality control and assurance. We practice the means of monitoring the software engineering processes, and also implement best practise methods to ensure quality while deploying a meaningful software application.

Our certified Software Quality Engineers lead our software quality assurance practice. They customise the quality assurance process based on individual client requirements while maintaining a consistent approach to ensuring the robustness of functionality implementation in the systems.

Even in Quality Assurance, we follow traditional methods which are involved across all the phases of the software application development life cycle. Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities are applied to requirements definition, software design, coding, source code control, change management, configuration management, release management, and product integration.

We combine black box as well as white box testing methodologies when we target software testing activities such as module tests, integration tests, system and acceptance tests. As a part of Quality Control, we offer a complete set of solutions for user specific development needs or for providing support for end-to-end application and service testing.

Our Key Testing Services include :

  • Test Strategy Development and Planning.
  • Functional, Integration and System Testing.
  • Test Specification and Test Cases Development.
  • Test execution, including regression and life cycle tests; use of automated test tools.
  • Continuous software development, error management and defect fixing.
  • Detailed test result analysis and defect reporting.
  • Test metrics for performance tracking.