Technology Consulting

Information Technology (IT) consulting is no longer optional but has become mandatory for all types of businesses to remain competitive in this everyday changing global environment. With small & medium scale businesses, the need to reduce costs and increase productivity is essential to maintain a high growth rate trajectory. We believe that systemizing, automating & outsourcing the appropriate business processes is the first step towards achieving this goal. We will help you in this process so that you can gain maximum productivity at all levels of your organization.

The complete IT consulting process requires discovering, organizing & documenting business processes to identify "pressure points" that require a relatively higher chunk of time & resources in the entire organizational process. Bluepond, along with its strategic partners, has access to a diversified set of resources that have in-depth domain expertise to sketch out this process map. Thereafter, we create solutions fitting our client’s organizational needs and goals for each of these "pressure points". During this entire process, it is very important to have an effective 2 way communication with the client- understanding their problems, explaining to them our understanding of the problems and getting regular feedback on the envisioned solution.

As part of this consulting process we provide a complete solution - planning & execution, software and hardware purchasing recommendations, training, and maintenance & support services. Most of the solutions can be classified into Systemizing, Automating & Outsourcing categories. Systemizing envisages suggestions to improve the internal workflow of the organization. Automating involves either incorporating standard market IT solutions, ERP solutions or fully customized IT solutions. Outsourcing involves outsourcing business activities to lower cost centers. We possess the capability to plan and execute all the functions in the Automating & Outsourcing category and provide the right expertise in the Systemizing category.