Bluepond Consultancy Services is a collection, an amalgamation of execution engines. The most effective way for us to strive towards our goal of tapping into efficiency reserves of our clients is by being internally efficient and aware of the most cutting edge technology changes happening across the globe. We strive to work with people who have industry expertise to complement our knowledge of technology. The combination of industry domain knowledge and technology helps us strive to meet our client needs. Our technology expertise lies in various areas such as business intelligence, application development, maintenance, documentation, training, and support. Our team members have experience in working across many platforms and applications, enabling us to take on any challenge presented to us with vigour. We continuously work towards re-inventing and bettering our skill set so that we can move into the future alongside you.

We have entered into a strategic alliance with Prosperitas Services LLC, a US based consulting firm as its project management and industry domain expertise provider in the United States. This collaboration has enabled us to provide the best available technological services and cost structure to our clients without a cultural or professional communication gap. Prosperitas provides the communication skills and industry domain expertise which are quintessential for client interaction and adds value to Bluepond’s solution offerings. In addition, Prosperitas’ marketing network across the United States helps Bluepond connect with prospective clients who could reap immense benefits from our suite of solutions.